Exhibited Work

This was work available on the day for delegates to view and discuss.

A Sense of Energy

Professor Karen Henwood, Dr Chris Groves, Dr Fiona Shirani  – Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences

Storymaking in sustainable energy systems research: invoking “a sense of energy” through multimodal techniques and exhibitions

Made by filmmaker Carolina Vasquez (https://vimeo.com/119839717), the ‘Sense of Energy’ film documents the exhibition of the same name, which featured visualisations and other objects designed to engage the public with research undertaken as part of the Energy Biographies study at Cardiff University along with four other companion projects funded through the ESRC/EPSRC Energy programme.  The exhibition was first held at the White Building, Hackney Wick, London from 26-28th June 2014 and then at the Senedd, in Cardiff Bay from 30th September-2nd October 2014.

Our Day Out

Ian Bradley and Sue Potts

‘Our Day Out’ seeks to capture the essence of a family day out. Drawing inspiration from a selection of images from the Keith Medley Photographic Archive, at Liverpool John Moores University.ourdayout

Our Day Out is keen for contributions from across the region to help build a rich archive of stories and memories from the mid 1960s and beyond. If you have a story to tell we would like to hear from you.

We will also be running a series of workshops which will see the creation of post card memories that will add voice to the collection. Contributions to the workshops will form part of an planned exhibition.

‘Our Day Out’ is a Heritage Lottery funded project utilising the photographic archive of Keith Medley, a commercial and press photographer who worked in and around Merseyside for most of his career.

The Memory Store

Sarah Haynes

Set in the future in Liverpool this narrative is organised and orchestrated through a website, The Memory Store – http://thememorystore.org/

In the fictional world the store is an archive of users memories captured directly from an implanted chip, freeing users from having to remember for themselves. This facility also enables users to exchange their memories with the crowd. Do they remember events as others do? How verifiable are their memories? Whose versions of events are most credible?liverbirdfuture

Participants are invited to contribute fictional memories of events they are led to imagine happening in 2115. In this way they add to the narrative and collectively build a picture of Liverpool in a hundred years time.

A central character, Jules Stewart, orchestrates the content submitted through her role as a pattern surveillance officer, who is looking for a missing person.

The work of Leeds International Women’s Filmmaking

Kelly Zarins-Brown

Our Here! An Interactive Documentary Workshop from the Leeds International Women’s Filmmaking Collective

The Leeds International Women’s Filmmaking Collective was set up in March 2015 by multimedia artist Kelly Zarins as part of her practice-based research at Leeds Trinity University. The collective generates media collaboratively through workshops which bring together a community of women who have migrated to Leeds for study and work. The collective explore the use of online platforms and open documentary forms to establish a living archive to chronicle their experiences and lives in Leeds.

Browse and explore the online home of the collective via their website. From here you can follow their stories as they evolve across multiple platforms and formats. Interact with our production journey on Yarn, watch our short films on Vimeo, and listen to our conversations on SoundCloud.

Second Home Our Here Project: https://ourherecollective.com 

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/liwfmc

Yarn: http://yarncommunity.com/users/LeedsIntWomFilmColl

Zines: https://www.flipsnack.com/leedsintwomfilmcol/


Anna Zaluczkowska, Leeds Beckett University

Negotiated Narratives – making work with my audiences

Red Branch Heroes – an interactive transmedia prototype story set in contemporary Northern Ireland.